A Guy Found A Scared Kitten

A Guy Found A Scared Kitten Under A Truck And Just Couldnt Say No To Her

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When this good guy saw a scared kitten clinging to a truck near his office, he just couldn’t leave her like that. Turns out, “the mama kitty ran off… and ditched the kitten. No other kittens could be found,” – redditor JustAnotherGoodGuy explained.

Immediately after finding the kitty, the man sent the picture to his wife asking “can I bring it home?” His wife’s reaction? “Who could say no to that face?” – she said.

The first thing they did was take her to the vet. “That’s how we found she’s a she. Got shots, the whole new kitten package.  She was only 4-5 weeks old when found.”

“[Axel] has made herself right at home with our 19 year old cat and 2 year old dog. She’s safe, sound, warm, and… loved,” – the couple explained.

“The mama kitty ran off and… ditched the kitten”

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